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Becoming Frank

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We've been asked many, many times why we don't sell Frank.  There are a few reasons for this, but the primary one is that making Frank is somewhat of a long and difficult process.  That and we don't really have the space to store 500 mass produced Franks (which would be the only way to produce him and keep costs down). In order for Frank to come alive (so to speak, as he is, after all, a statue), he has to go through a few steps. It all starts with the mold.  Since we knew we'd eventually break all of our Franks, we had a mold made in order to create more.

What you can't see here is that there are holes in the base where someone who's much better at making castings and statues pours the goo that will eventually turn into Frank.

After the goo is poured, we wait.  Once Frank dries, the mold gets opened and out hatches this:

That's the easy part.  The real painstaking portion of the Frank process is painting him.  There's no good way to get this done quickly, so we have to hand paint him (again done by people far more skilled than myself).

The statue is pretty detailed, so someone has to actually go in with a brush and make sure every fold and crevice is covered.  Because the process is somewhat of a pain, we don't do it very often.  We're hoping that the ones we have will last, but from the last batch we're already down a couple.  One was damaged in storage and the other is autographed by all the US and Euro players from the 2011 Mosconi Cup (which is going to be donated to the BEF to be used as a fundraiser later this year).

Just a little fun PoolDawg trivia for you on this sunny Thursday morning.