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PoolDawg’s Search Tool Is Now Smarter Than Ever

Category: PoolDawg Site Updates

If you've ever used our search tool, you know that it has an auto-suggest feature that tries to predict what your search term will be.  For example, if you start typing in "predator", it might auto-suggest the following:

  • predator chalk
  • predator cue
  • predator shaft
  • predator bk2

Well, with the help of our friends over at SLI Systems, we just made an improvement based on some feedback we received from our customers.  You wanted our search to be more visual, so that's exactly what we did.  Now, in addition to text suggestions, our search shows pictures and descriptions of products you might be searching for as you type the word out.  Check out what happens when you type the search "predator" into the search box now:

As you can see, as you start typing the word in, it attempts to not only predict what you're looking for, but also show you pictures, description snippets and prices to make your search as efficient as possible. Take it for a test drive at and let us know what you think!