Jun 24, 2013 By PoolDawg Staff 0 Comment(s)

Pool Cue In A Blender? OH NOS!!!

Category: Dawgbusters

I love the Blendtec videos.  They're funny, they're clever and they go viral just about as soon as they're released.  They've blended just about everything you can imagine to show how crazy good the Blendtec blenders are.  iPhones, video games, Kindles, glow sticks, Silly Putty.  You name it, they've probably tried to blend it. This of course leads to the question of what would happen if you stuck a pool cue in a blender. The good folks at Blendtec decided to give it a try. Thankfully they used an Excalibur instead of a Schon! Check out Tom's face when the blender hits the connecting pin.