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Kamui .98 and 1.21 Chalk Discontinued: The Final Remaining Stash… Act Fast!


Kamui Officially Retired Chalk


On September 21st, 2018, Kamui announced the end of production for their hugely popular .98 and 1.21 chalk models. The final order cutoff was the end of October 2018, over a year ago now. 

You can no longer see these blends on the official website and most stores, including the US distributor, are fully sold out and listing them as officially retired.

Kamui chalk is rightly considered some of the best in the industry. No other chalk feels or plays quite like it and we know a lot of people that are REALLY going to miss playing with these great chalks. After using them for years it can be hard to adjust and regain the trust with a different chalk.

If you’ve come to love Kamui’s .98 or 1.21 chalk as much as we have, then you’re in luck! At, we’ve been planning for this day. We have been sitting on a secret stash, just for you! 

We’ve stocked up, so you can have one last chance to stock up, too. Our supplies won’t last long, get yours before it’s gone forever.


Kamui 1.21

Kamui .98

Kamui Roku

You can see the difference between .98 and Roku in this exclusive PoolDawg video:

We currently have stock in both blends for Sky Blue, plus a tiny bit Slate Grey and Forest Green still. Seriously, it’s going fast.

If you’re ready to move on and take the next step in technology, you should try Kamui’s ROKU chalk. It combines the best aspects of .98 and 1.21, while being less messy for the cue ball and the table. We’ve played with ROKU extensively, and it is truly the new frontier in billiard chalk.

Is this the end of .98 and 1.21? At, the answer is “not yet.” 

Or, as the Japanese saying goes, “Madadayo!”

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