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Welcome Back Alfalfa’s

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It's a big day here in Boulder, Colorado.  Since I haven't had much opportunity to travel this year, I've been spending more time at home in the PoolDawg offices.  I must say, I'm really glad to be here today, because one of Boulder's most famous stores is having their grand re-opening - Alfalfa's Natural Grocery Store!! This place was a true Boulder staple for years until it got bought by Wild Oats, which was then bought by Whole Foods.  Whole Foods then was forced to sell off the store, so the old owners bought it back and today we have the return of Alfalfa's. [caption id="attachment_655" align="aligncenter" width="410" caption="As you can see, Frank was there at the beginning..."]/caption]

Sure, you have to wade through a bunch of hippies and wookies that smell like patchouli, but let me tell you, local and farm fresh is the way to go.  The place is so awesome, that they were the inspiration for a sweet tune from the band Leftover Salmon.  So kick back, click the little play button below and next time you're in Boulder, be sure to stop off and get some local eats at Alfalfa's.