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STUNNING New Billiard Art from RT9 Designs and PoolDawg!

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PoolDawg.com is teaming up with RT9 Designs, Inc to offer a cutting edge product unlike anything that we have seen before. The new Metallic Aluminum Art prints from New York artist Linda Pault's Gameroom Collection are "Simply Bad Ass"! These stunningly elegant, naked (no frame), billiard themed art pieces are perfect to hang and enjoy for both home and commercial spaces.

RT9 Metal Art

The originals are hand painted, highly rendered works of art with Linda employing the Italian 'chiaroscuro' method of composition; using darks against lights. Those contrasts represented on the Hi-Res and Hi-Gloss metallic canvas work perfectly with the texture and shine to actually enhance the art in both color and classic black and white style options. "The images just pop off the wall", says Pault "and with some clever lighting you can make magic happen!"

All Designs by Linda Pault Sold at PoolDawg

To launch this gorgeous 'Retro' Art, we are releasing "Phantom of the Game" and the "Shootout" (at the OK Corral) images both available in either original color or the rich black and white versions; with plans for additional image releases moving forward.

Smaller Size Decor

Choose the stunning, frameless wall hangings (30" x 15.5") with a 3/4" backing that creates a "floating" effect or the table toppers (15" x 8") that come with custom handmade bamboo display base starting at $99 including shipping. Select Custom sized orders are also available upon request!

FINALLY billiard enthusiasts have more, and classier, options for decorating than "Dogs Playing Pool"!!!

Pictures really don’t do these prints justice so check out this short video:

About the Artist:

RT9 Designs and Artist Linda Pault are a magical combination of quality products, intense imagery and a market where she can see anything and make it happen.

Linda Pault Booth with Artwork

If you've ever made it out to Vegas for one of the huge pool league championships then you are surely familiar with the amazing billiard art adaptations of Linda Pault and RT9 Designs already. Linda has been a staple at those events over the year and it'd be damn near impossible to walk by the RT9 pop-up gallery without being drawn in by the positive vibes.

Linda Pault in Her Pop-Up Gallery in Vegas

Featuring a truly unique collection of paintings, prints and and apparel, RT9 Design's booth has always been a Zen oasis amidst the chaos of lights and sounds common at Las Vegas pool tournament. That calming, positive effect transmitted through Linda's art is a direct result of her personality and vision. As of 2018 Linda has retired from the circuit but now that we have teamed up to see her art online, you can still bring home a gorgeous piece of billiard Zen to add to your home game room.

...People often ask me "Why Pool?"

I often respond by saying that I saw an opportunity to create a niche' market with my game room art. It was, and remains my desire to bring gallery level art into people's home or commercial rooms through my whimsical art stylings. To add more to this explanation is the fact that after completing a painting, I then go to extraordinary lengths in the case of the products excellence and quality levels.

I like to offer the 'best of the best' and really enjoy seeing the happiness it brings out customers. It truly was the 'Dogs Playing Pool' art that inspired my creative mind to open up and provide more imagery to this sport that SO MANY people love and enjoy! We have always flown with the motto 'Work Hard, Play Hard' and believe that when people buy our unique works that it's something that they are very proud to own and display.

...And then they ask "Well, do you play?"...and I say "Maybe!"

For more information and more pictures on each piece, click here.