Category: Pool Cue Tips

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling billiards equipment is the lack of clear information available.  Tips are a perfect example of this.  One of the more frequent questions we'll get is asking about the difference between a soft, medium and hard tip.  There are some numbers floating around but these often create more questions than they answer. For example, a Moori soft tip has a "density rating" of 63.8 whereas a Kamui medium tip rates at 74.2.  What isn't clear is what is being used to measure the density.  So, we re going to see what we can do to take some of the mystery out of these ratings. We're in the process of ordering some equipment to help measure the density of all the tips that we sell.  In the meantime, feel free to check out our new cue tip guide (which we'll be adding to and updating as we get more information).  The current guide includes density measurements that have been commonly reported, but over the coming weeks we'll be updating this chart to show our own measurements.